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italian style scottish innovation

Great design has emotional power and an innate ability to instil beauty into everyday objects. Ven- ti20 captures that essence and allows us to rediscover the grace and invigorating spirit of the “Roaring Twenties,” drawing inspiration from that remarkable era to bring the “spirit of the age” to the modern world with all its energy, optimism and joy.


An encounter between colour, material and finish - GESSI transforms characters into colours and presents five triads associating them with just as many personalities.


GESSI with the HABITO collection allows you to ‘fashion’ your own tailor-made habitat. Woven Metal, which has already been used for the creation of emblematic GESSI collections, with its evocative power of the 9 world of finishes, highlights the craftsmanship. The purity of eachof the textures, the result of indepth studies and a complex and elaborate production to “dress the metal”, becomes distinctive.


Ingranaggio is a game of interlocking mechanics, precious and current, suitable for any stylistic solution. The bathroom is the space in which to recover energy relating to ourselves and reclaim our archaic part.


Designed by David Rockwell and defined by simplicity and possibility, the design created for Gessi interprets a uniquely American ethos for modern fixtures. The strength in technical    know-how and keen understanding of craftsmanship ensures that the key design characters were expressed throughout the collection.


Gessi 316 was born from the idea of giving the perfect "dress code" to water, dressing it with a durable, strong, elegant and contemporary material. Harmony and fullness are the main features we find in this collection, whose shapes evoke perfection and elegance. Gessi 316 is also available in four different finishes: brushed steel, brushed black metal, brushed copper and the innovative brushed warm bronze.


Gessi engaged the international architectural Studio HBA (acronym for Hirsh Bedner Associates) to design a collection embodying all the values of simple elegance, clarity and harmony people demand today from a private space.


A revolutionary Collection of furnishing objects, Goccia features an innovative design inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water.


Both Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà and the artist-philosopher Marsel Lesko were independently been engaged to create – a graphic perception the former, a poetic sculpture the latter – that integrated states of physical, mental and spiritual balance.


Elegance in the bathroom becomes wellness - A special touch of elegance can make life easier and more beautiful, enriching daily life and contributing to enhanced wellness.

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