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your wellness journey

At Napier, we offer a complete, three step journey to ensure the process of creating your new bathroom is as stress-free as possible.

design. supply. create.

design. supply. create.
the napier journey. creating your wellness concept.

step one. design.

The fun part! We begin with our initial consultation, where we get to know you a little. Discover your wants, needs and aspirations. When your Home Survey is completed, we begin design! One Napier Design is all you need... We work closely with our clients to ensure your ultimate dream space is created to your exacting requirements.

step two. supply.

We source and supply your product from our trusted suppliers. Thanks to the Napier process, each luxury product has an extra layer of Quality Control to ensure a flawless finish. For those of you who are working with your own builders, architects or installation teams, this is where your journey ends - although the Napier Team will be on call for advice and help for throughout your project!

step three. create.

The final stage of the journey. Our highly skilled and experience team of Installation Experts create your dream space from the ground up. We start with full demolition - we create all of our interiors from a solid foundation, allowing us to spot any issues and configure the space to your exact requirement. We aim to complete most installations within two weeks.

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